Wedding planning can leave a huge hole in your pocket

A wedding is a special occasion; whether traditional or Western, and should leave a lifetime of memories to cherish. “Getting married is a dream come true for many people, but it can be a costly affair if not properly planned. This can create a huge hole in your pocket,” says Ester Ochse, FNB product specialist.

Here are some tips to help you save for your big day:

1. Draw up a budget

Create a budget template that takes into account your home expenses and responsibilities. This will give you an overview of where you are financially, and where you need to cut down.

 2. Refine your guest list

You should share your wedding with the people you love. So, ensure that your guest list is manageable on both sides of the family.

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3. Look for affordable venues

Once you decide on the date, book your venue immediately. Consider having your ceremony at home or outdoors.

Explore all your options and consider renting the dress instead of having it professionally made

4. Lower catering costs

Ask your family and friends to help with the cooking. Alternatively, search for a reputable caterer to help you save on food costs and avoid unnecessary wastage.

5. Do the invitations and décor yourself

You can use social media websites for great ideas.

6. Wedding dresses

Brides sometimes spend quite a bit on their dresses, only to sell them after the wedding at a fraction of the original cost. Explore all your options and consider renting the dress instead of having it professionally made.

7. Get your family or friend to be the DJ or MC

You can also consider using music apps to mix some of your favourite songs. All you need is a laptop or iPad, music and speaker.

8. Photographer

Create a hashtag and encourage your guests to post the pictures they take at the wedding. You can then download them for your wedding album.

 9. Honeymoon

Look at local and international specials and compare prices before booking your honeymoon. If too costly, postpone it until things are more affordable.

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