Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson is known as ‘the most famous satanist in the world’ – did you know that? I didn’t until today! Yes, I’ve obviously always thought he was creepy and weird looking and his music is not to my taste, but I really had no idea that he’s been a member (he’s a honorary priest) of the Church of Satan since 1996. Yikes!

Celebs who are rumoured to be satanists, members of the Illuminati or who’ve dabbled in the occult

So, while Marilyn Manson is loud and proud about his involvement with satanism, there are so many rumours and conspiracy theories flying around on the net about other celebrities being involved in weird things, it’s hard to know which are true and which have been made up by crazy fans or ex-employees.

There is however, one well-known singer who was raised in the occult… take a look through our gallery to find out who!


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