The ‘Other Stuff’ You Can Do to Lose Weight’ is a series devoted to the non-food things that could be preventing you from losing weight successfully. The issues will be unpacked and strategies suggested for dealing with them

‘STUFF to do’: Food and TV don’t mix!

Watching TV can be a great way to relax. Heck, you can even learn things while you watch TV if you watch the right stuff.

Unfortunately, TV watching is also a great time for your weight loss to get horribly off-track, because one of the best things to do while watching TV is EAT. It feels so good to mindlessly fill your mouth with food while you fill your brain with… nothing really.

You sit down with a plate of food, or a bowl of chips, or a chocolate bar and switch on the latest episode of your favourite series, and next thing you know you’re five minutes in and your food is gone!

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The bottom line here is that it’s NEVER a good idea to eat while you watch TV because you’ll ALWAYS eat mindlessly and therefore eat too much, or eat the wrong things, or BOTH.

So what’s the solution?

Well, it’s a pretty simple one really. Don’t eat in front of the TV. If you MUST, then sit down with a portion of food that looks too small, and don’t get up for more.

Just remember that by eating while watching TV, you have not enjoyed your eating experience as much as you should/could have. That’s sad if you’re eating tasty food that you’ve put a lot of effort into.

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