Many people have tried to lose weight using impossible workouts and even more impossible diets. But if you are trying to increase your health, become fitter and look thinner, try these simple tips and steps!
1. Start out by recording your current diet
Write down every single thing you eat for one week. You also may want to record your state of mind when eating a certain food and the reasons why you ate what you did. For example, were you sad, happy, socialising, etc.?
2. After the week is over, examine your diet carefully
Sometimes, looking at the reasons why you made some of the bad choices helps you analyse your eating habits. If you address the reasons for your emotional eating, you may well find the desire to eat at these times will lessen.
Come up with some solutions as to why you made these choises. Try to address the reason for bad choices.
3. Drink lots of water

  • Water helps with weight loss by keeping your stomach fuller and therefore you feel less hungry

  • Water flushes out toxins

  • Water should be drunk at body temperature

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  • Check that you are drinking enough water: if your urine is dark yellow, you need more water; if your urine is clear and pale yellow, you are drinking enough.

  • Drink a glass of water half-an-hour before each meal and before each beverage that you drink during the day.

4. Now for exercise routines
Establish a routine. When you wake up in the morning do 10 sit-ups – and, as you get stronger, increase that amount. Try also to exercise each day at the same time, and establish a rough time frame for your meals.
Take up a sport, like swimming or ballroom dancing. You can become healthy and have fun at the same time.
5. Run or walk fast for 30 minutes every day
Try to run or walk fast for 30 minutes every day. Even four or five times a week will help you to lose weight comfortably. Start with walking for 10 minutes before and after running for 10. Increase your running time as your fitness level increases.
Listening to music will distract you from how tired you really are! It’s a great tip!
6. Brush your teeth straight after meals to lose weight
This will help to remove the taste of food from your mouth. The temptation to fill it up with more food again will be lessened.
7. At night after supper and before bed

  • Lock up the kitchen after supper!

  • Do another 10 sit-ups – and increase them over time.

  • Do not eat less than three hours before you go to bed. If you eat too close to going to bed, your food will not digest efficiently and you’ll not burn as many calories either.

8. Learn to tell the difference between hunger and simply wanting to eat

There is a vast difference between being hungry and simply wanting to eat. Make sure you only eat when you’re hungry. Many people are overweight because they eat when they’re not hungry.

Never starve yourself, and don’t even wait for your third hunger pang. That’s when your body starts to wonder when the next meal will be coming. And so as to conserve its resources, your metabolism starts to shut down. This means that no more calories will be burnt and the speed of weight loss diminishes.
Consult your health practitioner before attempting any weight loss programme – especially if you are on prescription medication.

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