With strappy sandal season in full swing, here’s how to ensure that your feet always look the part…

  1. People will notice your toenails. If you don’t want colour on them, ensure that they’re neatly trimmed and buffed to within an inch of their lives. If you do opt for colour, consider gel as it looks good for six weeks at a time. Prefer painting them yourself? No problem, as long as you remove and redo them at the first sign of wear and tear.
  2. Along with toenails, the skin around them should be well groomed. Don’t cut your cuticles unless it’s absolutely necessary. Instead massage them with cuticle oil daily to keep them soft and neat.
  3. The skin on your feet should be maintained daily to prevent calluses and cracks. Gently file away the dry skin once or twice a week, and apply a foot cream with urea or AHAs daily. Try Pedi Relax Moisturising Cream, R79,95 (Dis-Chem).