‘Health-food’ Mistakes is a series of articles devoted to helping you be more discerning when it comes to ‘health food’. Health food does not necessarily equal weight loss. You still have to avoid some common pitfalls to get any benefit from these foods.

MISTAKE: Potatoes

One of the most confusing things about health food is that it can very quickly go from being a thing that you’re told to eat regularly to something that you’re told to avoid. And I’m not talking expiry dates here.

Let’s use potatoes as our example.

Potatoes are EXTREMELY good for you. They are one of the most nutritious foods in the world. You should eat them regularly.

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If you’ve suddenly gone out and grabbed a bag of French fries, potato chips, crisps, potato salad drowned in mayonnaise, or a giant baked potato with bacon and cheese sauce all of the above is no longer true.

Preparation is key

You see, a healthy food is only healthy if you prepare, cook and serve it using the right methods, in the right quantity, and with the right foods to accompany it.

Here are a couple of guidelines to consider when thinking about whether your healthy food is as healthy as you think:

  • has this food been deep-fried, or shallow fried in vegetable oil?
  • has this food been covered in a creamy sauce or dressing?
  • has this food been paired with fatty meats and cheeses?
  • has this food been paired with refined or processed foods?
  • has this food been served on or with baked goods?
  • has this food been served in a reasonable quantity?

Think through these questions, then decide if it is still a health food.

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