Uyanda Mbuli’s love life has made tabloid headlines in the past few months and the reality star really wants to put the rumours to bed once and for all

Uyanda found herself becoming the talk of the town when numerous publications alleged that she and Fikile Mbalula’s reported ex-girlfriend, Joyce Molamu, were dating the same man. Her back-and-forth with Joyce Molamu has complicated matters, and in a bid to clear her name, Uyanda reached out to local publication,

Speaking to the online entertainment website, Uyanda revealed that she has never met Joyce and knew nothing of her before these reports started. The two were supposed to meet for the first time in court on the 6th of October, but the case has been postponed to the 30th of this month. She spoke about their relationship:

“I don’t know Joyce except for what I’ve read about her. I’ve never met her in person

I was going to meet her at court for the first time.”

Things get interesting when she speaks about the man the two of them are reportedly dating. According to Uyanda, he’s married with a family of his own.

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“The guy whom she’s dating (I guess) is my homeboy whom we grew up together. There never was a romantic relationship between me and him. The guy in question I know him to be married to someone else, with kids (sic).”

She also clarified the money matters, an issue that Joyce has brought up, revealing that the businessman in question, King Maseko, is going through financial troubles.

“He has been going through a lot of financial problems with money lent to him by different sources including myself. Indeed I asked the guy for money, but it was for him to return the money he owes me.”

Despite the fact that Uyanda Mbuli has no interest in King Maseko, she is determined to seek justice in court after Molamu laid damning accusations against her. Earlier in 2017, Uyanda pressed charges against Molamu for defamation of character and crimen injuria.