Last updated on Oct 24th, 2017 at 11:36 am

The 2017 festival season has kicked-off, avoid the endless hassles associated with carrying cash and waiting in queues, leave wallets at home and simply go cashless – it’s safe!

Shai Evians, CEO of Howler, an event-technology platform that consolidates event planning, management and financial control says cashless “is the way to go” and necessary to stop event goers from misplacing cash, as well as credit and debit cards while at a weekend-long event.

The Howler ™ Loaded cashless process is an “on-trend” concept used around the world that uses NFC cards or wristbands to transact during events, making the process “simple and efficient”.

“We are spearheading this change in South Africa, with over 100 events already under our belt in the past 12 months,” Evians says.

Howler will be available at the following festivals:

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Festival City Date
Tshwane Food & Music Fest (PTA) JHB 28-Oct
Festival Del Tequila (JHB) JHB 04-Nov
Tribe @ Ground JHB JHB 17-Nov
Bok Radio (CPT) CPT 25-Nov
Corona CPT CPT 16-Dec
Block Coffee Block Party JHB JHB 16-Dec
Summer Experience CPT 29-Dec
Kinky Summer CPT CPT 31-Dec
Up The Creek CPT CPT 25-28Jan

 How it works:

  • Create an online account  
  • Load the budgeted amount to your profile
  • Collect card/wristband at the event and have it seamlessly paired to your account
  • Tap your card or wristband to make a purchase at a stand


  • Head-back to the website
  • Sign-up for Auto-Cash-out
  • Funds are automatically refunded

“It’s as simple as that, no hassle, no fuss and a completely seamless and safe option,” Evians says.

Why cashless:

There are many advantages associated with the cashless way to pay and Evians says going cashless is:

  • Safe and secure
  • Global best practice
  • Fast, efficient and effective
  • Not at all dependent on a specific cellphone network

“The networks are often unreliable, especially when there are large crowds of people and only one cell phone tower. It’s a giant inconvenience, very time consuming and often people don’t buy what they want because it takes so long. But since the cashless way to pay is a network independent option it is fast and hassle-free,” he says.

Top-up is possible:

  • Top-up using a mobile phone during the event
  • Top-up at a Howler Loaded Station at the event with a cash or credit card
  • Top-up friends and family online before or during an event

“Topping-up has never been this easy and means everyone can spend more time enjoying the event with friends,” he says.

 The good news:

  • No minimum or maximum cash limit
  • No pin number needed
  • The money back option guarantees your unspent cash back within 14 days

“The cashless way to pay will ensure partygoers make moments that matter, which is exactly what we want at our events for the best experience,” Evians says.