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Eating slowly can help you lose weight, ease your digestion, and you could even make a personal statement against fast food and processed food culture.
Eating slowly is, however, a habit that needs to be acquired and practised, not a simple decision that can be implemented from one day to the next. Here are some useful guidelines to help you on your way.
1.  Set aside time to eat

For many of us, eating is just a means to an end, to be over with as quickly and as conveniently as possible. It’s not uncommon to multitask â?? eat while we talk, watch TV, do homework, and even eat while driving.
Sacrifice some of your time on Facebook and Twitter to designate a block of time to eat. Switch the TV and phones off, lay the table and sit down with your family to eat â?? and only eat!  This is a special time for your family to discuss issues and chat to one another about their day.
2.  Save money (and your health) by preparing and cooking your own food
Cook from scratch. Flavour your own slow-food with a variety of herbs and spices, and avoid artificial flavourings and chemical food additives. A dish with a variety of natural flavours and textures will taste great and be appealing to your family.
3.  Use smaller utensils with which to eat
The less food (except for salad and veggies) you can fit onto your fork or spoon, the slower you’ll eat and the better youâ??ll feel after your meal. Look for utensils that are designed for children. Or if you really want to ease your pace, eat with chopsticks!
4.  Put down your utensils between each mouthful
This will help to break the habit of stuffing a new chunk of food into your mouth shortly after swallowing the last one â?? or even while you still have food in your mouth. It also gives you time to savour and appreciate what youâ??re eating and encourages conversation with your family at the table.
5.  Deliberately savour your food
Make a conscious effort to pay attention to the taste of the food that you’re eating. You might even want to keep a journal. The more descriptive you are the better. You’ll probably find that you begin to appreciate well-prepared and well-grown food in ways you never would have otherwise!
6.  Increase your number of chews per bite
Ancient, but nonetheless still wise advice. Start with a low number like 20 chews, and over time work your way up to 40 or more. This slows you down, helps with digestion and weight loss, and makes you eat less.
7.  Grow your own food
Why not try to grow your own organic food? If you don’t have a garden, grow your herbs and veggies in pots. If you grow your own food and take time to prepare it yourself then you’ll appreciate it more. Furthermore home-grown food is healthier and tastier, and growing your own food will give you a great sense of achievement.


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