Before you throw away your old pantyhose or nylon stockings, take a look at some of the things you can do with them:

Make a flour sieve. Keep a clean stocking foot filled with flour and knotted, in the flour container and simply shake it out on the board gently, when you need to dust it for baking or rolling out pastry, etc. This way you will save excess flour.
Secure rubbish bags in the bin. How about tying an old pair of panty hose around the top of the black bag you have in your rubbish disposal bin, to stop it from falling back into the bin?
Store your flower bulbs in pantyhose for the winter. This will let the air circulate and the bulbs are less likely to rot. Stick a tag on each stocking to remind you which stocking has which bulbs in it.
Check sanded wood surfaces by wrapping some stocking around your hand and sliding it over the surface you have been sanding. You will find any rough bits, because the stocking will snag on them, and you can then smooth it out.