In a perfect world, our cars would always be in tip top condition, keeping us on the move without any little irritants slowing us down…

This ideal world would also have absolutely no traffic and every day would be a perfect hair day.

As … um … perfect as this world sounds, life (and cars) can present a somewhat less halcyon experience at times.  Challenges like a chip in your windscreen need urgent attention to prevent further damage.  And, of course this can only be done after you’ve completed your choc-a-block, back-to-back meetings of a less-than-perfect hair day.

What you need is an effective, temporary quick-fix which stops the problem, or at least limits the damage until you can see to it properly.

RoadCover takes a look at 8 quick fix hacks to help keep your car moving, getting as smoothly as possible through your day as follows:

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1.     Windscreen chip

Windscreen chips may look innocent enough, but left unchecked they can develop into a crack which requires your whole windscreen to be replaced.

“Although not a permanent solution, you can use clear nail polish to stop the crack,” says RoadCover Marketing Agent, Amanda Rogaly.   “Just dab the nail polish over the affected area to temporarily stop the windscreen from cracking until you get the chip repaired by an authorised repair shop.”

2.     Radiator leak

A leaking radiator can leave you high and dry if your vehicle overheats. This can often be detected by keeping an eye out for any bright, sticky liquid which is often green, orange or pink in colour. Keep your eye on temperature gauge to avoid overheating.

The best quick and easy solution is to somehow plug the leak.  “Believe it or not, this can be done with the white of an egg,” comments Amanda.  “Nature never ceases to amaze.  The egg whites which are cooked by the radiator’s heat are forced into the holes by the pressure of the radiator fluid, stopping the leak as an effective, but very temporary solution until you get to the garage,” she says.

Alternatively, turmeric or curry powder can be used as a temporary sealant with turmeric being an ingredient in radiator sealant mixtures. (1)

3.     Battery lead sulphate build-up

The white build up around your battery terminals is generally known at lead sulphate.  This can cause corrosion on your battery terminals which in turn messes around with your ignition and even your vehicle’s on-board computer.

Coke, (yes the popular fizzy drink) can help get rid of build-up and even prevent it.  Always remember safety first.  Disconnect the terminals and equip yourself with protective gear such as gloves.  Best way is to dab an old toothbrush or cloth into the coke and then use it to scrub the terminals and dissolve the build-up. Complete the task by rinsing off with clean water,” advises Amanda.

4.     Unwanted polish

Polishing your car can be hard work, but when you stand back and take pride in what you have done, it is totally worth it.  “It’s easy to get polish on your windscreen or car windows which can hamper visibility and it can be challenging to get rid of the polish on the affected area,” comments Amanda.  “Surprisingly, nail polish remover does the trick; only use a small amount on a cotton bud or paper towel to remove the polish from the affected area.”

5.     Clean windscreen

There’s nothing more irritating than not being able to see clearly out of your windscreen, plus it can be a safety hazard.

“A quick tip for this is to dry your cleaned windscreen with newspaper, instead of a cloth. Newspaper is very absorbent and doesn’t leave those streaky lines and it’s a great way to extend the function of the paper.  Keep on being green conscious by allowing the paper to dry in the sun and then place it in the recycle refuse,” says Amanda.

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6.     Petrol saver

Heavy loads and drag (air moving past the car as the car goes forward) impact on your petrol usage. Keeping your windows wide open while on the highway can cause drag which will result in more petrol being used.  Additionally, keeping your car neat and tidy will also help lighten the load which will help save petrol.

7.     Sticker removal

Want to remove an unwanted or no longer needed sticker or just stuck with the remains of the sticker on your windscreen? “This can be sorted by carefully removing the sticker with a sharp bladed tool.  As for any remaining stubborn glue, use pure alcohol from the chemist with an old rag or cotton bud to easily remove the mark,” states the Marketing Agent.

8.     Light restoration

The sun can be very harsh on our cars and we should try keeping them undercover or parked in the shade to prolong the life of the exterior and interior of the car.

Over time, the headlights may fade due to exposure to the sun, but polishing them with toothpaste will bring them back to life, giving them a clearer appearance which will also enable the lights to shine brighter too.

“While quick fixes are great to get you going, they are only useful as a temporary solution.  As soon as you can, you need to take your car into a service station.  Additionally, always err on the side of caution.  If you are unsure of anything, rather allow an expert to handle it, making sure that your car is in safe hands and that in turn you are taken care of too,” concludes Amanda.



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