The primary reason that people go on diet is to “look better” and feel more comfortable in their clothing…

While this may be a good motivating factor for trimming down a bit, the real benefits of losing weight are much more compelling once you know what they are.

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Here are five big benefits that come with losing even a relatively small amount of weight – 5% of your bodyweight (4kg for an 80kg person):

1. Say goodbye to joint pain

Or at least help your joints take less of a hammering. A lighter body means less stress on your skeleton and joints, meaning movement will feel easier, and you’ll suffer less pain than you do now.

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This is a huge deal as most people develop joint issues as they grow older anyway, so you really don’t want to aggravate it by being heavier than necessary.

Less joint pain also means you can exercise more. And I’m not just talking about going to the gym. You can take up fun, healthy hobbies like hiking, bird watching, cycling…

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