Buhle Mkhize is in the U.S. for this year’s New York Fashion Week and she’s had the chance to mingle with some of the biggest A-listers on the planet

However, one of them kind of got her name wrong.

In a video that was shared to Instagram Stories (and then deleted 24 hours later, boo!) Buhle Mkhize was seen doing the most at NYFW.

When she walked up to Paris Hilton, however, the American socialite turned around and greeted her by saying “Hi South Africa!”

At this point it’s unclear if Paris genuinely thought Buhle’s name was “South Africa” or if, perhaps, she misheard Buhle Mkhize introducing the country she’s from. After all, Paris Hilton has visited South Africa on numerous occasions and is friends with local DJ, Black Coffee, so it would be a pretty strange mistake to make.

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According to other viewers, Buhle visibly rolled her eyes at the remark when it was made

Social media users caught on to this awkward encounter via a report by Times Live.

However, not everybody was on #TeamBuhle:

We’ll be on the lookout to see if Buhle Mkhize posts any pictures she might have been able to grab with Paris Hilton.