This week we reported that Zodwa Wabantu would no longer be performing at the Harare International Carnival, after weeks of wondering “Will she? Won’t she?”

Now Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe has chimed in and offered his opinion on the matter. Mugabe, like many other government officials, is not impressed with Zodwa’s insistence on performing in the country without any underwear, a decision that eventually led to her being dropped from the carnival line-up.

Speaking to the press after it was revealed that she had been dropped, Mugabe shared his disdain for Wabantu’s performance routine:

“You just come without covering your decency. What do you want? Men to see you? We don’t want such,” he said.

He also shared sarcastic sympathies with the men of Zimbabwe:

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“So man can see you? No, I’m sorry. We disappointed many men who are complaining. I heard that they wanted her to come. Those are the thoughts we don’t want, let that happen only where she comes from, let it remain there.”

Zodwa believes the constant stories about her underwear created too much pressure for the organisers to keep her on the roster

“The show was cancelled at the last moment. They said I must tell everyone that I am sick and they would send me money to cover the trouble. It’s a political thing. It was politics behind closed doors because apparently people were protesting that they want me to perform and sponsors were pulling out of the event because reports about me were drawing too much [negative] attention to the event,”

Do you think this Zodwa Wabantu Saga has been blown out of proportion?