Last updated on Sep 7th, 2015 at 09:05 am


Whenever you are having a party and you need to keep your food either warm or cold, bubble wrap will be much more effective than tin foil in maintaining the temperature of the food.

If you can access huge sheets of bubble wrap, use it to warm up the water in your pool. Especially here, where the sun promises to shine at some stage most days, bubble wrap acts as solar heating, because it captures the sunlight.

In the same vein you can insulate your room by lining the windows with bubble wrap, and since the wrap is transparent the light will still come through.

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Bubble wrap can be used as a bath pillow, drawer liner, to keep your clothes warm, a burglar alarm (if you are a light sleeper, put a sheet under your window and door and the popping will alert you!).

Lining the toilet tank with the wrap will stop the water in the cistern from evaporating.