Lavender, especially the oil, has a huge number of healing and calming qualities.
You can use lavender for anxiety, stress, headaches, bites and stings.
In fact if you Google Uses for Lavender, you will be bowled over!

My favourite idea is that if you have a small child who is fractious and will not happily go to sleep at night – take his/her favourite teddy bear or other furry animal, and carefully unstitch a seam.
Tuck in a cotton wool ball that has been soaked in three or four drops of lavender oil. Stitch it closed.
Alternatively put in some dried lavender in a sachet that has a few drops of the oil.
This could make a sweet little gift for a baby shower. (I got the idea from Burgess and Finch).
Honey, they say, is the only food on the planet that does not go off – just a bit of trivia for you! Make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder and eat it on bread instead of jam or peanut butter.
Do this regularly at breakfast time and it will lessen the cholesterol in the arteries and vastly reduce the chance of a heart attack. Honey and cinnamon mixed, will revitalise the arteries and veins.

There are many other miracle cures claimed by taking honey and cinnamon, like weight loss, pimple reduction, fatigue and bad breath – even stomach and bone cancer, according to research conducted in Japan and Australia

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