Muscle and joint pain aint no fun! Danish researchers discovered that if you add lots of ginger to your diet, after two months the potent compounds called gingerols prevent the production of pain triggering hormones.
Take at least one teaspoon of dried ginger or two teaspoons of fresh chopped ginger and add it to your meals daily.
If you are prone to earache, try placing two drops of warm garlic oil into the ear twice daily for two days.
It is believed that this simple treatment clears up ear infections faster than prescription c.
Make your own garlic oil by gently stirring three cloves of crushed garlic in half a cup of extra virgin olive oil for about two minutes. Strain and refrigerate.  
When using, warm slightly.
Prevent PMS with yoghurt.
Nervous systems are sensitive to the ups and downs of oestrogen and progesterone that occur naturally every month.
Two cups of yoghurt a day can vastly reduce these uncomfortable symptoms.
In fact yoghurt should be a part of everyone’s diet.