If your child, or anyone in the family really, has constant bouts of debilitating tonsillitis, mix lemon juice and water to which you have added salt. Gargle at least every two hours.
Did you know that cotton wool soaked in lemon juice will stop a nose bleed when placed up the nostril? Get rid of gall stones by drinking lemon juice mixed with olive oil. I have never heard that before but I imagine if you suffer from them it is definitely worth a try.
Lemon oil mixed with almond, avocado or jojoba oil applied to varicose veins will reduce the swellings and an overnight poultice of a slice of lemon will remove corns and calluses.
There are many non medical uses for lemons which are, perhaps, more common. There is nothing to beat lemon juice, neat, to remove tea and coffee stains in china mugs and cups. A few squirts of PLJ in your garbage can neutralises the smells of stale food. Lemon potpourri has your house smelling fresh and clean. Rinse your hair with lemon juice mixed with water and it will help remove the residue shampoo and conditioner and leave your hair shiny and squeaky clean.