We all know that puppies are inclined to chew everything in sight. Since we are about to inherit one, I thought that prevention would be better than cure. Amazing Home Problem Solver suggests that to discourage chewing on favourite things like shoes, chair legs, school satchels and books, get hold of a bottle of oil of cloves and dab a spot on each item that could attract those little canine teeth. The bitter smell and taste are apparently decidedly off putting.
While on odours, as long as you have a plentiful supply of white vinegar available, those awful wee patches on carpets can be attended to. A 50/50 solution of vinegar and water soaked through the spot and allowed to sit for half an hour or so and then rinsed out with warm water and covered with a thick wad of paper towels weighed down with a brick or 2 to mop up the moisture will clear any smells and put the offending domestic animal off that area.