Garages have a habit of becoming the storage spot for everything from old jumble, camping and sporting equipment and other nefarious bits and pieces. Soon the place will start smelling musty. Help is at hand! Buy a bag of lava rocks (that you use for braais). Divide it up into three or four mesh bags and hang them up on the beams of the garage ceiling. Every three months or so, take them outside and leave them in the sun. They will refresh themselves and you can put them back. They can keep your mustiness at bay for years.
Cellars are great to have for a storage area but be careful that they do not spoil furniture and create rust on other things because they can become very damp. It is extremely worthwhile to invest in some tarpaulins and wooden pallets. If you canâ??t access pallets, simply use air bricks and wooden planks. This will allow the air to circulate under the furniture and the tarps will cover and protect from moisture, causing mould, and dust, etc.