Beauty hacks for the stay-at-home mom who still wants to look and feel presentable

When you’re pregnant, people will tell you to prepare yourself for all sorts of things. Sleep deprivation, never ending diaper duty, not being able to brush your teeth or shower until late in the afternoon (or at all!) – the list goes on and on. I have to admit, I listened to it all but thought that I would cope just fine. Pah, ha, ha! FAT JOKE! NOTHING can prepare you for being a first-time mommy. Literally NOTHING!

Now that my maternity leave is over and I am working from home a few days per week, my time feels even more limited. Doing housework, caring for a baby who is still breastfeeding and only just starting to get into some semblance of a routine, making sure I submit my work on time, getting dinner ready and also expressing milk for the two days I have to go into the office … it’s exhausting.

Finding the time to do anything for myself has been and still is difficult most days but definitely getting better. I have learnt a few tricks that are helping me to look semi-presentable. I don’t know about you, but, even though I am at home, I still want to feel clean and look okay. And, I don’t want my hubby to come home to me looking and smelling like I’ve been running laps all day (even though that’s how I feel).

First up – find the time … it is there

Women are born jugglers and we are known to be pretty crafty too. You have baby’s nap times to do stuff, sure, but what about when they’re awake / not in a solid (or any) routine? I use my son’s mobile in his cot to my advantage. He loves it and it keeps him occupied for long enough for me to get a few IMPORTANT ‘me-things’ done. The first round of ‘wind ups’ gives me the chance to brush my teeth, poop in peace and wash my hands before I need to quickly wind it up again so that I can have a speed-shower. I’ve counted … all I need is 32 turns of the mobile. Heaven forbid I’m constipated one day – will definitely need more than 32 turns then. Hahah!

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My skin became so dry after having my son. It was terrible and I did not have time to lather myself with cream like I used to before. So, my number one tip is to keep a bottle of oil in your shower – it can be baby oil, Bio-Oil (my fav) it doesn’t really matter. After your speed-shower, rub oil all over your body (I put it on my face too) and just dab yourself dry. No need for a lengthy face and body cream-up session.


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