Get an old window box, spray paint it with a waterproof paint if it is wood, and rust buster if it is metal, and put on the top of the toilet cistern or attach inside under the bathroom window. This makes a convenient spot to store extra toilet paper or your various bottles of bubble bath, hair shampoo, etc.
Those old plastic or fabric shoe storing pockets definitely have a role to play in the bathroom. You can allocate a few pockets to each member of the family with their names on and they can keep their personal belongs there, like special anti pimple cream(!), deodorant that is not for the family to share, tampons and other personal items. Hang it behind a door or over one of the glass sides of a shower cubicle.
Another idea could be that you put a strip of magnetic metal along the inside or outside cupboard of a medicine chest or linen cupboard so that all your metal gadgets like scissors, tweezers and razors, etc., will attach firmly to the strip and will be easy to locate.