Avoid the vending machine temptation

If you want to keep your daily calorie count down and are trying to prevent weight gain, consider avoiding the temptation of the vending machine.

High calorie foods

Vending machines throughout the world are usually packed with high calorie foods and snacks that are either loaded with large amounts of sugar, trans fats, salt or perhaps all of these! Chocolate bars, biscuits, sweets and other confectionery together with high sugar beverages are the most common and widely popular snacks and drinks that are contained in vending machines.

Plan your meals and snacks

Planning your meals and snacks will help prevent you from making purchases (that you may regret later!) from vending machines. Remember that without proper planning, you may feel more vulnerable to give in to high calorie temptations as a ‘quick fix’.

See a dietician

If you need help in creating a diet plan of healthy and balanced meals, seek the help of a dietician.

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