Getting takeaways from your local fast food outlet can be a pretty innocuous bit of enjoyment for the whole family, if it doesn’t happen too often. My especial favourite is Chinese.
Next thing is, of course, that you are stuck with all those containers that get piled into your plastics cupboard, because, somehow, they are too good  to just put in your recycling bin.
Here are some things that you can use them for in your bathroom:
Bath powder. A well cleaned medium sided transparent, round container with a lid is perfect for dusting powder.
Cotton balls. 
Mild emergency aids, like plasters if you cut yourself, nail clippers, ear buds, orange sticks and safety pins.
Loose hair clips, slides, barrettes and elastic bands.
Cleaning materials and a sponge for the rim around the bath.
Make up, combs and brushes (for these use the taller boxes).
Extra toothbrushes, scrubbing brushes and cleaning gloves.
Spare shower caps and probably dozens of other things you can think of.