Put your hub caps into the dishwasher. They will come up bright and shiny. 

Set the washer on the pots and pans cycle. Toys like Leggo and small plastic cars, etc., put in a lingerie bag on the top rack work well.
Obviously do not put in greasy plates at the same time!

Garden tools that have metal or plastic handles are fine.
Fix them well in the plate racks and towel them dry afterwards so they do not rust.

Do not put in anything that is enamel, painted or plated. (Check your hubcaps are the real thing).

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Run your sponges and dishcloths through a cycle to eliminate the bacteria that accumulate on them.
Put the sponges in the silverware basket, or if they are too big, clip them onto a rack with a plastic clothes peg. Your dustpan and brush will definitely benefit from the occasional whirl in the dishwasher.