No, I am not talking about drying your hair. That is obvious, but when you have broken your leg and the itch in the cast is driving you nuts? Get someone to sprinkle in baby powder and then blow down the inside of the cast with the dryer. Just be sure it is on the coolest setting! If anyone has measles or any other dreaded lurgy that itches, the cool dryer helps too when blown directly on the rash.
When you have had a plastic shower curtain or tablecloth packed away and they are full of creases, use the dryer. As the heat penetrates the plastic, the wrinkles remove themselves.
Talking of plastic – if you left a piece of plastic too close to one of the hot plates on the stove, use the hot air from your dryer to soften the plastic and then scrape it off gently with a spatula.
Washing your smalls, when you are travelling and living out of a suitcase for some time, can often end up with you wrapping damp undies in plastic bags when you are about to leave. Immediately after you have washed them, the night before, blow dry them well with your trusty dryer and by morning they will be as dry as the Free State in winter!