When you find a nasty grease spot on your pretty wall paper that you have only recently struggled to hang, get out the iron and, after you have blotted off as much as you can with some absorbent paper, take some more paper and place it over the spot. When the iron is hot, but not too heated, press it down over the paper that is on the spot. Do not use steam. The stain will lift on to the paper. You may have to repeat this process.
A dent in your favourite piece of furniture can be removed with a medium heat iron. Make sure first that no fibres have been broken because then it wonâ??t work and you could cause more damage. Put a damp cloth over the dent. Hold your medium heat iron on the cloth. When the cloth has dried, dampen it again and repeat. Do this several times until the dent has vanished.
When moving around the furniture in your wall-to-wall carpeted living room, you discover clearly visible dents where the legs of chairs, tables and cupboards have been moved to a new spot. Never fear, the iron is there! Put a damp towel across the indentations and press lightly. The marks will vamoose.