All households should have a plunger for minor plumbing jobs.
They should have a bell shaped rubber suction cups that can be folded back after you need to use them for toilets.
A plunger will only work when the rubber mouth forms an airtight seal over clogged drains.
The shape is moulded especially to fit tightly, but if it is becoming a bit slack, just put a little petroleum jelly round the lip of the plunger before using it.
To get the best results from a plunger, the water in the sink, bath or loo should cover the head of the plunger.
Add more water if necessary.
When the plunger is well sealed over the drain or in the toilet, pump rapidly 10 or 12 times in short, sharp movements.
Every now and then between these, give one strong powerful plunge.
Never use a plunger if you have just used a chemical drain cleaner.
The caustic content of the cleaner could splash back and cause burns.