It may be a bit late, but remember for next winter, or if we have another freezing episode, that a plastic dustpan makes a quite exceptionally effective ice scraper.
Best part, being plastic, it will not scrape your windshield.
To take the strain off the transmission and help it last longer, always use the hand brake when you park.
This applies to both manual and automatic vehicles.
I didn’t know that, did you?
To save your tyres, petrol and the environment, make sure that your tyres are at the right pressure at all times.
I always find it a bit of an irritation having them checked, but it is a fact that too much air or too little can cause problems.
If you see that they are wearing out in the middle, that means you have too much air in them.
Wearing out on both edges is a sign of too little air, resulting in cutting your fuel economy by at least 2%.
Discovering that there is wear on one side of the tyres only, probably means that your wheels are out of alignment and you need to pay a visit to the tyre people.