Last updated on Jan 21st, 2021 at 03:31 pm

Beach and pool towels have a pretty rough life, when you think of it.
They are subjected to being left in the rain, treated as picnic rugs and used as feet cleaners among other things. 
The Pool Poncho, a company that produces towels and pool ponchos, has put out a good list of ways to remove stains from towels.
Here are a few:

Mildew – Something you may find after several months shut up in a cupboard. First try washing out with normal detergent which will remove it if caught early enough.
If this is not sufficient, wash again with a mild bleach solution.
This will bleach the towelling a bit but will get rid of the mildew.
Rinse in a well diluted solution of white vinegar.
Grass stains – Sponge the stained areas with methylated spirits and then wash as you normally would.
How easy is THAT!
Urine – These marks and the accompanying smell can occur when there are little ones in the family.
As the composition of urine differs, you will need to try different strengths.
Start with a solution of one teaspoon of ammonia to a cup of warm water.
If this does not work, soak again in a mix of equal amounts of vinegar (white) and water before you wash as normal.
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