Raking up leaves is par for the course in the winter months.
Just as you have swept up a pile along comes the wind and sends them all helter skelter.
Find yourself an old mesh baby’s play pen and make it a member of your gardening tools family.
Scoop up the leaves, and plonk them in the pen.
When it is full, wheel it away to your compost heap and empty.
Your hanging flower pots need watering; the challenge is not to let the water trickle out of the bottom.
Collect shower caps from your travels or invest in some cheap ones and slip them on the underside of the pots when you water them.
The drips and bits of soil will be trapped, leaving your ground or floor below, neat and clean.
Keep all those plastic spoons, forks and knives that come with takeaway orders.
They can be very useful in a garden.
Use the spoons to measure the right amount of fertilizer or liquid food that you need when you are seeding or potting.
Labelling the handles of the knives and forks is an easy way to remember where you have put seedlings and little plants.