Going green has never been trendier, especially since greenery is 2017’s official colour of the year.

But there’s more to it than just slapping some greenery into your colour scheme, and it’s not exactly the easiest colour to decorate with.

Fortunately we have Liza Watermeyer, retail display manager at Tile Africa, here to shed some light on how to incorporate this fresh trend into your home.

Understand it’s not just a colour

“Sustainability is the inspiration behind the selection of this colour, so being able to use this shade in a meaningful way that is easily adaptable and cost effective is vital,” says Watermeyer.

She warns against splurging on the array of zesty yellow-green hued décor items you’ll find on shopping mall shelves… and which then gets binned the next year.

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“If you are going to create waste or pollution in your quest to incorporate this eco-conscious shade, you’re going about it in completely the wrong way.”

Find simple, non-imposing ways to introduce it into your space

As this year’s colour is inspired by nature, a literal way to bring it into your home would be with foliage and plants. It’s as simple as decorating tables, drawers, shelves and other surfaces around your home with vases, jars and pots containing varying leaves and plants.

Environmentally friendly paint products can also be used to effortlessly convert a wall or piece of furniture to include Greenery – try horizontal or vertical stripes of Greenery and another corresponding shade.

Tiled mosaics are another inexpensive option, especially for kitchens and bathrooms, where adding a border, backsplash or focus wall will be a welcome addition.

If you want your home to have a fresh and invigorating quality, consider using white and mixed metallics.

Add complementary shades to the mix

Greenery is a pretty intense colour palette, and it’s going to come off as contrived if you just blitz your entire home in it. Instead, try to create a cohesive theme with touches of greenery.

If you want your home to have a fresh and invigorating quality, consider using white and mixed metallics. A darker, more moody aesthetic can be achieved by adding deep shades of chocolate brown or a luxurious ripe grape hue. Then, simply embellish using a mix ‘n match ensemble of green bits and bobs you can find lying around the house, so you can get the look without spending a cent.

Any material that is from nature will intrinsically combine well with this fresh colour. Think of light, honey coloured oak or darker mahogany, with mixed metallic accents in matte and glossy patinas.

White and terracotta shades also integrate nicely with greenery, as well as materials made from cement, wicker, glass, or even cork, which is being used more and more often as a wall and floor covering.