When you buy a new appliance, make sure you read the manufacturerâ??s instructions to the letter.
Not doing this can lead to very expensive mistakes.
If you have a helper, go through the directions with him or her too and supervise the first few times it is used.
Don’t leave your offspring out!
They can often be the culprits, quite inadvertently, of misuse.
I can boast by saying that all old towels, sheets, tee shirts and other pieces of fabric like frayed curtains are relegated to a big rag bag in the garage.
Anyone wanting to clean a bicycle, wash a car, carry a cat to the vet and dozens of other nefarious activities, simply head for the garage with a large pair of scissors and they cut off what is needed.
These bits and pieces are put back into the pile once washed.
We have also found stuff in there that has made great fancy dress gear!
We live in a land of sunshine which we never seem to utilise enough (read solar heating).
Try, as far as possible, to dry your washing out on a line in the sun.
This will save you SO much electricity and, as my mother insisted; fresh air and sunshine drying your washing gave a freshness and healthy feel, so much better for you!
Mind you, I would think twice about this idea if I lived in a smog ridden city.