Research One pot recipes.
There are many, many ideas out there where you can make really nutritious meals, using one pot for a whole main meal.
You will save money and time, will have only one pot to wash, will give you an easy hobby to research, and swap ideas with your mates and families.
Be conscientious and keep your appliances and things like brushes, brooms, dustpans, in good condition.
Filters are often neglected and can result in heavy repair bills or even having to replace the appliance.
It’s a no brainer to work out that the more care you take of anything, the longer it will live.
Use up your old newspapers and dated telephone books and Yellow Pages for cleaning.
Newspaper is ideal for the initial rubbing off of dust on glass, especially on windows.
Telephone pages kept near the sink are just the thing to give the initial wipe of greasy pots before washing.
Think of all that grease that won’t be going down the sink to clog it up!