Sarah Aquirre of brings us back into those war and post war years when money and facilities were tight and invention was an absolute necessity.
These days, with HUGE escalating costs, I thought it was worth going through some of her ideas and some of mine.
This tip is right up my alley:
Teach your family and friends to take off their shoes when they come into your house.
You will save a lot of wear and tear on your floor and carpets, plus extra cleaning.
… not to MENTION what stilettos can do to your highly polished and revered Oregon pine floorboards!
Get the women at book club, baby circle, church, or lift club to share the cost of a really good steam cleaner.
It should not be difficult to make out a roster for its use, plus the plans for sharing maintenance costs, etc.
In the same vein, perhaps you could extend your lift club to sharing your grocery shopping expeditions with a group of friends.
That way you can buy more commodities in bulk which is so much cheaper, whilst saving petrol is an issue too.
For me, the idea of having a friend along when buying all that boring stuff like dog food, loo paper, etc., is very appealing.
We can grumble together!