Having your feet squashed into closed shoes or boots all day can make your feet very tired and sore.
When you get home with tired, tingly, achy feet, throw a few pencils on the floor and play pick up sticks with your toes. This gets the blood flowing again and is as good as having a foot massage. Try it.

Smelly feet

There may be times when, when you pull off your boots, you could be knocked out by the smell of sweaty, hot stinky feet.

Strong black tea is the answer for this offensive problem. Put three bags in a cup and fill with boiling water,
Leave to stew for about 15 minutes and then, when cool, pour the tea into two litres water. Soak your feet in the mix for about half an hour. The tea kills the bacteria that cause the smell.

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Perhaps your feet just get very hot after gym or jogging

Head off to the shops and avail yourself of some peppermint tea. Feet soaked in iced peppermint tea for about 10 minutes will leave your footsies ready for anything!