Did you know that you can use nail polish remover to take off the printing from plastic pots and boxes, etc.?
I don’t mean sticky labels; they usually come off with soapy water, or then again there are some that all the elbow grease in the world will not remove!
Yoghurt and sour/fresh cream containers can be used for little presents like homemade frozen yoghurt, ice cream or fruit mousse.
They are useful to keep in the sugar, mielie meal and dog food bins to take out the amount you need when you need it.
Larger yoghurt pots can be used as fun “doggy bags” when you have food left over and your visitors would like to take some home.
You could even decorate them with doggy foot prints or write “woof woof” on them or whatever!
Ice cream boxes and pails, of course, have a myriad uses, but one that caught my eye the other day was to keep an ice cream pail in the car for any two or four legged passengers who suddenly get car sick.
After they have “oopsed” as we say in our family, the lid can be replaced firmly and the contents disposed of at the next stop.