If you have decided to poach your fish, keep it poaching evenly and firmly by squeezing fresh lemon into the liquid in which you cook it.
Use the juice of half a lemon for each 500 g fish.
I hated scaling fish!
By the time I had finished I never wanted to see another thing with scales again!
That was until I discovered this tip.
Before starting the scaling operation, rub white vinegar all over the fish and leave for about 10 mins.
Using kitchen gloves, hold the fish over an open plastic bag and rub the body.
The scales fall off like leaves in autumn and are all trapped in the packet.
Sometimes canned fish can taste a little ‘tinny’.
For tuna in salt water, use two parts water and two parts lemon juice and soak for 15 minutes.
Crab meat should be soaked in iced water for + six minutes.
Prawns, canned, will taste delicious if you soak them in two tablespoons vinegar and a teaspoon of dried sherry â?? fancy that!
By the way, if you want to keep your temper and fingernails intact, soak oysters in soda water for about five-10 minutes and you will find it much easier to pry them apart.