If salon colour isn’t in your monthly budget, teach yourself how to do the best possible home hair colour…

  1. Don’t wash your hair for a day or two before you colour. The natural oils will protect your scalp from possible irritation, and the colour will also spread more evenly.
  2. If you have long or thick hair, split it into four to six sections and secure each section with a hair clip. This will make application and blending of the hair colour much easier.
  3. If you’re new at home colour or are generally messy, protect the skin around your hairline with petroleum jelly to prevent staining.
  4. Bear in mind that you may need more than one box for long or thick hair.
  5. If your hair has been coloured before, don’t apply the dye all over straight away – you’ll get an uneven colour on the ends. Do your roots first and then comb the colour through for the last few minutes.