Most kitchens usually have quite a few chopsticks left over from takeaway Chinese meals, or home cooked ones if you are clever enough.
Keep a chopstick in your flour bin so you can level the flour in the measuring cup.
This will keep it always at hand when you need it.
Use a chopstick or two to keep your hair away when you are bending over the stove or putting in the washing
Draw it up from the bottom of your neck, screw it into a bun and poke the chopstick through it.
You may need two.
Wooden chopsticks come in handy when you have been in the garden and your shoes/boots with deep tracks are clogged with dog poo(!) or mud.
They are useful too when you need to scrape off candle grease from floors, furniture or counters.
Being softish, they wonâ??t leave scratch marks.