There are other uses for these funny looking things that look like out of space helmets.
I have the same metal one that belonged to my grandmother.
Colanders are a good place to store berries.
The holes allow them to breathe and not to become soggy.
They make a good bath playtime clean up.
Scoop up the toys floating in the bath and the water will drip off and you can leave them in the empty bath for the next splash session.
Colanders can be used as a steamer, if you have a pot lid that fits it.
At a pinch it will serve as a double boiler.
A friend of mine bought an old colander from a junk shop and by making a hole in the middle she hung it low over the kitchen recess table with a light attachment and bulb.
It gives a lovely sparkly feel to the area, but be careful, though, it can get rather hot.