Wood is naturally anti bacterial so wooden spoons are no less hygienic than any other utensil, if properly cared for.
They are the best thing to use if you have non stick cookware because they will not scrape the surfaces.
Wood is also a non conductor of heat so you will avoid burning yourself if using metal.
Simply wash in warm soapy water and rinse.
Throw out any spoons or spatulas that have developed cracks or rough edges as they will harbour food and that WILL cause bacteria.
Help seal and nurture the wood with warmed olive oil rubbed all over and placed in an oven at 170 deg for two minutes.
A wooden spoon, left in a pot of boiling pasta, stops the pasta from sticking in a gluey mess.
To keep a pot of water from boiling over, put a wooden spoon across the surface.
These utensils are ideal for the baby when he/she starts wanting to bang everything.
To reach those inaccessible spots on your back to apply cream, put it on the back of the spoon and you will reach those areas.
Use a wooden spoon to feel for items that are lost under beds and cupboards etc.