No one wants globs of thick paint marring your efforts to freshen up the bedroom walls.
Stretch a piece of pantyhose across the opening of the tin.
Pour the paint through it into another container and you will have smooth paint with all the globby bits sitting on the nylon.
I like this idea – when your back is near to busting while you are painting the floor skirting and low parts of the walls, grab a kid’s skateboard and sit on that.
If you have no children to provide you with one, start asking around.
You will find plenty of your mates have them cluttering up garages and storerooms!
For those tricky parts like painting window frames without sloshing the colour onto the glass panes, run soap down the edges of the glass before you start and when the paint is dry, you can clean your windows with the soap and there will be no paint that has sneaked onto the glass.