When buying a snake, make sure it is healthy and comes from a reputable breeder.
It will likely be very young.
See that it feels secure as it will not eat if it is scared.
Keep it first in a well ventilated escape proof plastic box in a warm place.
It will need a hidey hole and a converted flower pot saucer with an entrance cut out, was suggested.
Cover the floor of the box with roller towel that can be easily removed and replaced.
Be very sure that you have a clear picture of its feeding plan, starting with tiny ‘pinky mice’ (shame!)
Some children have an endless fascination for lizards.
If it lives in a cage make sure it has lots of fresh small branches, which you often change.
They love climbing all over the place.
Make a small hammock by stringing a hankie or something from one ‘tree’ to the next and watch Lizzie relax on it when she needs to take a break.
They eat almost any crawly things, especially crickets, spiders, worms and flying insects.
Some enjoy a snack or two of pieces of fruit or vegetables.