One can add hamsters to that lot too.
The worst thing that your pets can suffer from is boredom, restricted space and the wrong food.
Rabbits love to burrow.
Add plenty of shredded paper to his hutch.
Telephone directories or yellow pages are ideal.
Guinea pigs are very active and need a much bigger cage than other rodents.
They love chasing after ping pong balls and even tennis balls.
Maybe put a big box into the cage with several exit holes cut out, where they can pop in and out and even have a snooze.
A wide plastic tube makes a fun tunnel for all little rodents.
All the furry animals of the small variety like to nibble.
Keep all your cardboard rolls and also little small blocks of wood for them to gnaw on.
Make sure the cardboard rolls and woodare not painted or treated because then they could be toxic.