Feeling ‘hungry’ could actually mean a few different things… a lot of the time we’re actually just bored or thirsty…

BUT, if you’ve had a big glass of water and are NOT bored, but you still feel like you need to eat, the next trick is to eat the right foods.

You want something that’ll fill you up but not fill you out.

Here are a few foods you should consider eating to sort out your hunger in a positive way:

1. Oats

Breakfast is IMPORTANT. Mostly because if you don’t eat something that fills you up early you’re much more likely to eat something naughty or just lose control of your calorie-intake later in the day when you start feeling really hungry.

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Oats in the morning keep you full for ages, and provide fibre and energy without junk calories. Mix in a spoon of peanut butter or some protein powder to make an even better hunger busting meal. For a more ‘summery’ feel, top with some berries or bananas.

Try this: Coconut and Apple Overnight Oats recipe

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