Dull pewter is difficult to clean because one always imagines it should be brighter, so you rub harder!
Cigarette, or even fine wood ash makes very good cleaners for pewter.
Apply the ashes with a moistened piece of cloth.
Cheesecloth, if you have it, is just right for ash.
While you are rubbing, the pewter item will turn darker.
Rinse well and see the difference.
If you plan to go out in the sun and do some gardening or you are off to the beach and have mislaid your sunglasses on either occasion, go and grab some ash from your fireplace.
Put your finger in some oil and dip it in the ash and draw half circles under your eyes.
You will look pretty goofy and could have your kids in hysterics, but it is a very effective way to cut down the glare.
Try it!
Add wood ash from the fireplace to the soil where you have flower beds.
Do this in early growing season for the best results.
Plants that like acid soil will not thrive with this treatment, so keep away from azaleas and rhododendrons.