Popular fashion and lifestyle blogger, Chelsea Arendse, shares her tips for preparing for a 5km run…

I will be doing my first 5 km Cape Gate Clicks Charity Run on 14 October 2017. Training and eating correctly are both important aspects of preparation, but so is fashion – you need to feel comfortable in order to put in the “werk”.

I am no professional, but here are my top tips for getting race-day ready:


I run at least three times a week using the Nike Run Club app to help me keep track of my improvements, and do basic exercises every other day, such as squats, lunges, planking, jumping jacks, bicycle, etc.

I try and do a few beginner yoga moves when I wake up and just before bed. (Google yoga moves for beginners).

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A week before a race, it’s advisable to get plenty of rest. Keep your exercises light and running distances short to avoid injuries.


Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand so I have been trying to make healthier choices lately:

  • Breakfast typically includes oats, plain yoghurt, fresh fruits, and the occasional whole-grain bread.
  • For lunch I usually have rice cakes with cream cheese, boiled eggs, or tuna.
  • For supper I always try and include lots of veggies or fresh salads with my meals.
  • When hunger creeps in during the day, I usually snack on apples or dried fruit. 

I try and drink as much water as I can. On days that I go for a run, I prefer coconut water, due to its hydrating qualities. Coconut water contains calcium, potassium and magnesium (important for muscular function). I also enjoy aloe water, which improves circulation and regulates blood pressure.


Being a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I don’t neglect the stylish side of exercising and love looking good while working out.

My essentials include:

  • A sports bra that fits well and gives you the correct support – without this “the girls” could start sagging or you may get back- or breast pain
  • Tights that are breathable and that fit you well – you don’t want to be pulling up your pants after every workout and you need to be comfortable
  • A thin jacket or hooded top – this helps me sweat even more during training and prevents me from catching a cold once I’ve finished exercising
  • Proper running trainers are so important – without these I struggle to run to my full potential and it can cause injuries. Replace your trainers once they start to feel uncomfortable
  • I always run with a cap to shade my face from the sun and to make sure my hair doesn’t get in my face while running
  • Most days I run with a water bottle to help me rehydrate during my runs even though I think it’s annoying – try getting a water bottle that holds less than 750ml of water.

Chelsea Arendse is an official member of the #RaceSquad for the Capegate Clicks Charity Run on 14 October 2017 at Capegate Shopping Centre. 

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