You can’t go wrong with a few cacti in the garden – here’s everything you need to know…

With the summer months only a few weeks away and the water shortage showing no signs of abating, we really need to make some changes in our gardens. One way to do this is by creating a fully waterwise garden and cacti are a perfect component.

The humble cactus is a pretty interesting plant. Here are some amazing facts about this gorgeous, drought-loving succulent:

  • The cactus belongs to the family called Cactaceae of which there are over 2 000 varieties
  • Like most succulents, cacti hold onto a large amount of water within their roots, waxy leaves and stems, in order to survive desert conditions. Their spongy internal tissue prevents water loss, pushes water down to the roots and performs photosynthesis.
  • The prickly spines on a cactus are actually its leaves. Being hardy and small, the spines protect the water-filled plant from animals eating it, and they prevent evaporation as would happen with bigger, softer leaves.
  • Many of the flowers on cacti are nocturnal and so they are pollinated by nocturnal animals like bats.
  • A cactus can live anywhere from 20 to 300 years and can grow as a miniature or as tall as 20 metres!

Time to invest in some gorgeous cacti, no? Happy waterwise gardening!

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