Don’t be put off introducing colour into your home, it’s easier than you think!

For a while now it’s been all about monochrome in the interior design world. All-white homes, greyscale elements and even pitch black facets have taken centre stage for some time, but the latest trends have seen an upswing in bursts of colour in the home. Intimidating? It shouldn’t be. There are ways to introduce the must-have colour tones for spring and summer that won’t turn your carefully curated home into a kaleidoscope. Here’s how:

  1. Choose a base palette to work from, like a blank canvas, and then build up a colour selection from there. If your home is mostly white and grey, bring in some pops of blush or dusty rose colours in really small ways. A pot plant here, a picture frame there. It all builds up to an overall sense of colour.
  2. Don’t go crazy with opposing, jarring colours. Find complementary colours and play with them. The point is to introduce some life and fun to your home, but it can easily become overwhelming. Keep it simple with just a couple of core colours.
  3. Offset your decor colour choices with glass. An empty vase can help break up the eyeline of too much colour or too many decorative elements. Keep some space clear to prevent things looking cluttered.
  4. Add different textures and materials in your colour choices, for depth. Natural wood finishes can offset metal and glass, while soft fabrics can uplift a hard environment. It’s in the differences that you begin to build a curated gallery of things, so keep it fresh with variety.